This process group includes the basic groundwork necessary to create the project and define the guidelines and criteria under which it will operate. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. The center of the table shows all 49 processes. Project Time Management 7. If you are ready to learn more about our programs, get started by downloading our program guide now. The Project Management Body of Knowledge is a set of standard terminology and guidelines (a body of knowledge) for project management.The body of knowledge evolves over time and is presented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (the Guide to the PMBOK or the Guide), a book whose sixth edition was released in 2017. It is a uses specialty knowledge and skills to coordinate a project. However, such information can be of great significance in helping project managers determine how to … 0000005228 00000 n Knowledge) the nine knowledge areas in project management are: Project quality management. Just how do you remember, everything that needs to be planned, executed, and monitored for a, provide a way to organize and categorize knowledge, and skills needed in a particular specialty. and activities into a few areas, it's easier to understand and remember. In this lesson, we'll introduce each of these, As a project manager, your day is full of different activities, all with the goal. Project Communication Management. of getting your project to a successful end. 0000003236 00000 n Introducing Textbook Solutions. Project Human Resource Management 10. 7 to 10 years Very low for borrowed funds and the repayment period extends up to 25 years and even beyond. It's important to. All knowledge areas given in the PMBOK Guide® follow a similar naming convention. In the same way, a project manager. To make it easier for people to understand project management, all PMBoK knowledge areas are classified into nine categories by PMBOK Guide.It is one of the most comprehensive model documents for project managers. Project Scope Management. It is important to know both the Process Group and Knowledge Area for each process. 0000003934 00000 n x�bb�f`b``Ń3� ���ţ�A 0 2�v 0000007448 00000 n Processes, key concepts, and, activities are group into common areas. 0000004758 00000 n 0000001199 00000 n 0 0000002034 00000 n For example, a company launching a new inventory system, starts to map out the big chunks of work that have to happen in order to, launch a new system. Project time management. It includes processes, ac… Project management has evolved from few simple principles to a wide subject with many complex concepts. Project Human Resource Management. In project life cycle there are five process groups: The initiating process group, the planning process group, the executing process group, the monitoring & controlling process group and lastly the project closing process group. The following table contains the 10 knowledge areas and the 49 processes: 1) Project Integration Management. Project Schedule Management. Project management is a holistic approach to management dominated by a set of processes and behaviors. Project Scope Management 6. 0000001385 00000 n All project management processes belong to these process groups. Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas are the core technical subject matters of the project management profession, and these processes along with their individual inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs bring the project to life. It’s the mean for the project manager to connect project components and tie them together. Project Scope Management 3. 0000004989 00000 n But also, there are 10 project management knowledge areas which are also known as PMBOK knowledge … Project integration management. Authorizations from the performing organization are given and funding is put in place. Proj… The PMBOK guide is currently on its sixth edition and explains the processes and methodologies which are best practice within project management.. We've put together a short overview about the PMBOK and the knowledge areas it covers. The Ten Knowledge Areas of Project Management.pdf - The Ten Knowledge Areas of Project Management THE TEN KNOWLEDGE AREAS of PROJECT MANAGMENT To help, The Ten Knowledge Areas of Project Management, To help organize all the knowledge a project manager needs to effectively perform the, role, project management has been organized into 10 best practice areas, or, knowledge areas. In very simple terms, cooking a meal uses the same, principles as project management knowledge areas. You will cover five project management process groups and nine PM Knowledge Areas. Most times, they are referred to the specific middle word of the respective knowledge area. Knowledge Management In Project Environments, is the title of this paper. startxref 0000002399 00000 n 0000006463 00000 n Project Cost Management. 0000000851 00000 n Project management (PM) degree programs serve a critical role in training future project management … The ten knowledge areas are the skills a project manager must practice and master to manage a project efficiently. H�l�Mo�@����9�V�8X�"5q*��%�DQ[X�X|X�m��wfր#�`v�%d9P�D�]!_Zav�}�v'�D�p���ֲ�ヌ�VNA.�U�KQJ%*�T��N�kq�2r�8�{�ip�� Project Integration Management 2. 442 0 obj <> endobj 1. Project Procurement Management. 0000000016 00000 n While managing a project, you may use the knowledge areas multiple, times daily. Project integration is the basic role of project managers since it provides a tie between different knowledge areas. Project Time Management 4. Project Risk Management 10. Project Risk Management. Get Our Program Guide. The knowledge areas are found in the rows of the process chart. Here I have presented to you a summary of some of the things that will be taught. They are the core technical subject matter of the project management profession, and they bring the project to life. Project Cost Management 5. 468 0 obj <>stream In fact, we can say the project manager is an integrator. Project Quality Management 9. Project management is the application of knowledge, skill, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.2 The requirements of a project relate to, among other things, stakeholder expectations. Project scope management. This preview shows page 1 - 3 out of 6 pages. For a limited time, find answers and explanations to over 1.2 million textbook exercises for FREE! The 10 Knowledge Areas that have been defined in project management are: Project Integration Management; Project Scope Management $1����wI=l�=UqHqggFn��.����p����^��A�P)Ԟ�y��u��8��/{��h���@2HӔfXҐW��Q�yW���������Q�w�&t�i&b+hG����7��� {���_�Ż^��ɜ�w�Y����p���LJ���qJ�T&�c.e�2(�+C�'�K�|���xt͎Db�k�(�Yb���X�t��mgJ��������֜k�;h���gk��[~#�>��E��,�Z�. Project Stakeholder Management. LITERATURE REVIEW Project Management is most effective when applied in a consistent repetitive manner in the form of a process. The 10 Knowledge Areas of project management are: Integration Management; Scope Management; Schedule Management; Cost Management; Quality Management; Resource Management; Communications Management; Risk Management; Procurement Management; Stakeholder Management. R_PROJ 1200 Spring 2020_Balancing Tradeoffs.pdf, Code of Conduct for testing personnel NRCAN.pdf, NDTE 3101 lab1 Instrument familiarization.docx, PMP_TrainingKit_5thEdition_Ericsson_31May-4June2015.pdf. Project management knowledge areas bring a project to life, but that life can be chaotic and complex, which is why a project manager needs a tool to help manage all these moving parts of a project. x�b```b``U``�"����ea�X�����1�NGʅ=U�ε�U���przyUT-�O˸W�E~�R���T�� �|�y�������Nu���")�2�*E��70 FAc���@��Q� L30H�ET�X]D��>0M�x����G��ɂ�E��L�.N��'EM-�qB1��vH10j�iE�0 m����� [ �f`4I�,b��.sf`� ��� �9� 0000021801 00000 n Project Human Resources Management 8. It lays out all of the project management knowledge areas, in the correct order and what they mean. Thus, the Knowledge Areas as shown in Figure 2, are formed by grouping the 47 processes of project management into specialized and focused areas. %%EOF ITTO are a standardized means of systematically using the same method of developing and executing processes and projects. Project managers need to manage a lot of moving parts. International project expert, Todd Hutchison, walks through the 10 knowledge areas (functions) of project management. 0000007225 00000 n The Guide is a document resulting from work overseen by … Knowledge Areas A Knowledge Area represents a complete set of concepts, terms, and activities that make up an area of specialization. Project Integration Management 5. [|k�e�r�����ѣˡ�Q wD�xl�p����V(]�4�gU���s�����[�� � '1I�{ce������zП�ڌ^n"� �ů�f��������5D������s�-�L>�sB�r�0 �]� %PDF-1.4 %���� 10.1 Plan Communications Management: 10.2 Manage Communications: 10.3 Monitor Communications : 3 [11] Project Risk Management : 11.1 Plan Risk Management 11.2 Identify Risks; 11.3 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis; 11.4 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis; 11.5 Plan Risk Responses; 11.6 Implement Risk Responses: 11.7 Monitor Risks 7 [12] Project Procurement Management : 12.1 Plan … In this article, we review the first area of knowledge: Project integration. endstream endobj 443 0 obj <>/Outlines 26 0 R/Metadata 66 0 R/PieceInfo<>>>/Pages 65 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/StructTreeRoot 68 0 R/Type/Catalog/LastModified(D:20070626081821)/PageLabels 63 0 R>> endobj 444 0 obj <>/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/ExtGState<>>>/Type/Page>> endobj 445 0 obj <> endobj 446 0 obj <> endobj 447 0 obj [/ICCBased 464 0 R] endobj 448 0 obj <> endobj 449 0 obj <> endobj 450 0 obj <>stream Project Cost Management 8. The paper is basically talking about the importance of the Project Management Knowledge, also known as, PKM, that is increasingly popular within temporary organisations such as handling a project … Get step-by-step explanations, verified by experts. endstream endobj 467 0 obj <>/Size 442/Type/XRef>>stream The 10 PMBOK Knowledge Areas - A Brief Introduction. Project management requires various knowledge, skills, techniques, and applications. �V~��: c�*X�9�/ҏ��* j���9��=�|��P�����-G.�Gr�����#����(�H����8�-�Ҍ 0�vC!�n�+�-�~t��o�ӷ=�pS�-TDF��1����v#�e��B4�[��+{���O]~V6iP�����ǚO(��ʚ��C{�. An initial scope statement can be made, because executives generally have an idea what the project should accomplish when they authorize it. According to it, there are 49 processes mapped across 5 phases and 10 knowledge areas.
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