We're surprised that no development has occurred here-- but grateful for such an expansive abandoned area to explore. 1/34. Larimer School dates back to 1896. And as books, TV shows, and movies about the paranormal and haunted places have never been more popular, it’s no surprise people are searching out Pennsylvania’s best abandoned places. If you like exploring haunted places in Pennsylvania, you’ll find a ton. Share Tweet Reddit. I was so trigger-happy with my camera shutter, I ran out of memory card space partway through the trip! Bethlehem Steelstacks. Forsaken Philadelphia: The Coolest Abandoned Places in the City. Pennsylvania's industrial history has left remains scattered across its landscape. Visit these nine abandoned places in Pennsylvania on this road trip that will take you to some fascinating spots. Here are 18 places where you can explore the ghosts of psychiatric history. Here's what it looks like now. The local community may transform the area into a historical park. Only about six miles from Oil Creek State Park, the town once boomed, boasting dozens of hotels, homes, a theater, a railroad, and more than 20,000 residents in 1865. It is tempting to go creep around inside some of these ghostly structures, though. Visit http://BARE-USA.com Join me as I explore some pretty amazing abandoned places in the great state of Pennsylvania and mostly Philidelphia. Missile Storage: C=Ajax only, original design B=Ajax or Hercules, some modifications were required for the elevator to handle the Hercules launcher. Here are some buildings and areas in Pennsylvania that experienced just that– complete abandonment. What is the most famous abandoned place in Pennsylvania? Today the tunnels remain for curious visitors to explore and for creepy crawlers to habitate. Thank you! The campus of the school and the hospital were connected by underground tunnels. This large elementary school was left abandoned in 1980 due to declining enrollment. It is also locally known as the former home of Fred McFeely, the grandfather of Fred Rogers, from the famous PBS series “Mister Roger’s Neighborhood”. abandoned industrial sites Abandoned America’s collection of abandoned factories, mills, power plants, refineries, coal breakers, steel mills, and more. A raging mine fire has been burning beneath the ground in … Pithole sat abandoned until 1972 when a Visitor Center was built. Many of those abandoned sites sit empty. Then take this road trip through Pennsylvania’s most picturesque small towns. Most, if not all, Pennsylvanians have traveled on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at least once. Opened in 1907, prisoners used the prison walls as their own canvas, scrawling obscenities and slogans and even drawing artistic portraits of figures such as Jimi Hendrix. Today’s visitors tell of hearing the sounds of footsteps on the roof of the covered bridge – said to be the mom looking for her baby. Out of the ten States visited, I spent the most time in Pennsylvania. You can also join guided ghost hunts in numerous spots throughout Pennsylvania. Many later prisons followed precedents set by this institution that held countless notorious criminals, including Al Capone. Abandoned Places You Can Visit in Pennsylvania 1. Many years ago, a mom threw her newborn from the bridge then she hanged herself from the rafters in the bridge itself. Thank you! Ready for a road trip to these abandoned places in Pennsylvania? Drueding Brothers Building PA - Abandoned Dutch's Tasty Freeze - Abandoned (with History and Updated With a New Picture 2013) Eastern State Penitentiary - Historical (1 Link Inside) Eden Hall - … The court ordered Pennhurst to close in 1986 and, since then, the abandoned campus has become a must-visit for the curious. Love Pennsylvania? Centralia. From the somewhat mystic ‘Seven Gates of Hell’ to an unassuming home that is marked by the brutal murders that occurred inside there is a paranormal tale to suit every taste! The … However, you can still catch a glimpse of the now abandoned building that once housed York County’s prisoners. Another almost abandoned yet famous spot in Pennsylvania is Centralia. One such remnant is Carrie Blast Furnace, which was part of the Homestead Steel Works. The area is now sometimes used for paintball. Overlooking the field where Pithole, Pennsylvania, once existed. No one knows exactly why Lincoln Way was deserted by its residents, but as you can imagine, urban legends abound. Christi is from Allentown and currently lives and goes to school in Pittsburgh. If you left your house today and never returned, what would it look like in 100 years? The not-quite ghost town has just between five and 10 residents, the majority pushed out by a fire that’s been burning in a coal mine below the town since the early 1960s. Some offer tours to curious visitors while others have been turned into museums. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons, Why Pennsylvania Is America's Black Sheep (And We're Proud of It), 11 Harvest Festivals In Pennsylvania That Will Make Your Autumn Awesome, 12 Moments Everyone Born In Pennsylvania Will Always Remember, This Massive Gift Shop In Pennsylvania Is Like No Other In The World, Surges Of Up To 18 Meteors Per Hour Will Light Up The Pennsylvania Skies During The 2020 Lyrid Meteor This April.
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