We are nothing more than slaves to the ruling class if our nation runs under statutory law. Solvent Traps Direct is the largest, full-stocking dealer of Solvent Traps in the United States. Tinker tinker tinker. It seems to be getting close. Grant the members of the company Immunity from Prosecution or repealing two, supposedly) would take seconds of his Twitter schedule. I waited 11 months for my last suppressor. They were blown away by the quality, the baffles and the modularity of my unit. CIRCLE FILE THE ATF AND THE GCA, JAIL THE SIGNERS, STRIP THEIR KIDS OF ALL ASSETS AND PEACE AND QUIET. Mean while, the ghost(S) continue in there little shops. Cadiz Gun Works of Ohio, which is a licensed manufacturer, sells a completed version of this design known as the EconoCan. This is the problem with our slide away from Common Law to Statutory Law. Well, homeslice still has a felony record and that ain’t gonna be undone. Posted on June 3, 2014 by John Pierce. I prefer to pay the extra, buy legally and if they raid my house while I am gone hunting they won’t find anything illegal, plus I just sleep better at night. He wanted to file a Form 1 and, upon approval, legally build an inexpensive suppressor. 3)  The adapter and the tube would share the same serial number. Were precedent given very low respect compared to the plain statutory language, we would indeed be hearing arguments found in “shall not be infringed” as opposed to “commerce clause” and would be far closer to our original practice of the law, or would have properly modified our system via law and amendment. Number-seven most viewed on the Congress website, and yet it’s being ignored, or at best the reps are completely oblivious. It is just another feel-good law, in the supposed name of public safety. Armory Den is your reliable wholesale partner and nationwide distributor of high-quality solvent traps, Adaptive Solvent Traps (AST’s), solvent trap parts, end caps, jig/drill kits, adaptors, firearm cleaning kits, accessories and more! EPA CID has conducted massive armed raids in the past. Pursuant to a seizure warrant issued by the United States District Court for the District of Utah, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has seized the website www.darksidedefense.com. An EO telling the ATF to chill or write a formal reg (i.e. If we have to live with the EPA for a couple of more months to logically expand and solidify our second amendment right so poor bastards like this guy who is now sitting behind bars facing federal charges for having a legitimate business for however long right up until someone officially changed an opinion. Therefore, it would generally not be cost effective to plan on using a ‘solvent trap’ adapter as the basis of a Form 1 build since you would be stuck using a single oil filter for its entire service life. POS way the ATF promulgates rules, and the shifting sands it creates ARE WHOLLY THE PURPOSE OF INFRINGEMENT, so as to keep you far back from the edge of [F all of you and your BS] “established legal limits” and “parameters’. What did we vote forTrump for? Fast forward to modern day times, when internet retailers like Amazon sell solvent trap kits online. Can firearms still be gifted after Abramski. For those unfamiliar with a ‘solvent trap’ adapter, it is an adapter that allows an oil filter to be threaded on one end and the other end will fit a threaded barrel. Entrapment, CAN include the B.S. I know of one company that still sells threaded tubes, Stainless, Carbon Steel, Aluminum and Titanium. They do NOT sell end caps, freeze plugs other parts that could be used in a suppressor. Hell even a pillow constituting a suppressor part wouldn’t be surprising given their track record. For someone on a budget that doesn’t own a lathe, a solvent trap is a great way to go about making a form-1 silencer. Never miss a big story. Silicone tubes, epoxy, JB Weld & threading dies could all be construed as being part of some conspiracy to get around the law, when using the ATF’s tortured logic. Price $59.99. Now what do you do? SILENCERS ARE LEGAL TOO as long as you do the right paperwork and pay the tax stamp. We are still slaves nonetheless and our government masters can demand our money and lives at any moment. Facebook. Could it be that there’s a new sheriff in town who doesn’t like gun owners and just wants to cause as much havoc as possible? That would be a logical assumption, however this is not a bureaucratic agency that arbitrates within the realms of logic. The judge in that case gave the guy the lightest sentence allowable and trashed the EPA for dragging the guy into court. You pretty much stated what I was going to say. Where *do* they get their action-item list, I wonder…, The Democratic and Republican congressmen want the same things…. Wonder how long until the BATFEaRBF starts issuing dictums to automotive oil filter manufacturers. From the controversy with the “pistol brace” open letter to pot scrubbers and even silencer wipes the ATF appears to be on a roll re-classifying items and practices that have long been accepted as legal and aggressively enforcing their interpretation of the law. California has enacted a new ban on fur trapping for animal pelts, making it the first state to outlaw a centuries-old livelihood that was intertwined with the rise of the Western frontier. Not to mention, there is ample precedent for a judge to slavishly adhere to the interpretations of regulators vs. common sense or even the original statutory language & intent so long as it was written vaguely. Still stupid as hell. How about running your employer out of business and throwing your ass out on the street? If he had time to replace the head of the EPA he could have damn well done the same at the ATF. Companies who offer solvent trap part kits for sale were on the wrong side of the law. Make silencers impossible for the everyman to own again!! Not to mention the Maglite suppressors are garbage anyways. This is a new cleaner is based on a “siloxanes,” a material that is 100% VOC exempt and listed as the #1 Preferred Solvent Choice of the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Heck, even the old style court systems if you consider the insistence on jury trials for issues of significance. For more detailed facts about California Animal Trapping Laws, click here on the Rodent Guys website. This is what happens when you define law by “policy” and obfuscation. excuse me, but um, why is the Atf still even in existence? Foghorn is a gun nerd living and working in San Antonio, Texas. However, if you really like the idea of using an oil filter as a suppressor then there is another alternative. is it too close for NFA's constructive possession since a solvent trap and a drill bit essentially is everything for a form 1 version of it (you know what "it" is don't say the word) would it be a horrid idea to buy/build a solvent trap in California? Solvent traps are used by game hunters to conveniently clean firearms after use. Are Solvent Traps Legal? ► Estate Plan For Individuals The latest victim of this crack down: Solvent Traps Etc, a company whose Facebook page does not do a very good job at all at that whole “subtle hinting” thing about possible uses for their products. Okay, so you’re argument is “not Trump’s jackboots which he can totally give marching orders to or fire whenever” and “gun rights just aren’t important to him.” I’m so glad you guys nominated this dude. gripping traps. The concept of a “solvent trap” kit is about as subtle of an end run around the National Firearms Act as “bath salts” are an end run around the Controlled Substances Act. Received notice of seizure and information to Claimants Non-Cafra form stating "EA Firearm/Suppresor" Should I ignore the letter as I don't want the item and the associated issues with Customs although the item usage and intended usage was to trap solvent in cleaning. Right now, they are running with Obama era staffing. ATF rules and the laws governing the things they regulate are generally pretty obvious. Because someone who said it was OK when you made your investment just decided out of the blue that you are now in violation and must be put away for the safety of all in society. Probably the best choice for users in California is the new VOC-Free Flux Remover – UltraClean™ (#MCC-VOC). Solvent traps are just another example of how if a large enough percentage of Americans don't support a law, we will make a mockery of it. ► Letter of Instruction for Will. This should be a non-issue. I got into the conversation and agreed that between companies that sell the parts kits and instructions on how to do it it is indeed pretty easy. Officially, these “fuel filters” or “solvent traps” are perfectly legal as long as there is not a hole all the way through them. How many times does trump have to punch the gun world in the face before it stops crawling back into his bed? Solvent Trap Etc. No, the owner was a close friend of Henry Bowman. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I’d put on my shocked face but I seem to have misplaced it while cleaning the house last night. The EPA however can come after you for a myriad of reasons just for the fact that not every drop of rain that falls on your property stays there. Just because they don’t get the coverage doesn’t mean they won’t boot down your door and take everything you have. The Trace reported in 2017 that the ATF had taken action against three companies for selling silencers disguised as solvent traps. This is our standard line of complete Solvent Filters. I think the adapters as well as the filters are now both required to be serialized (or is the can considered a “wipe” which is now non-user-servicable?) Notify me of follow-up comments by email. However, before doing so he had several questions: 1)  Which component would comprises the actual ‘suppressor’ … the adapter or the tube? Dimensions: length: 9" Outside diameter: 1.5" Weight: 22oz Comes with a selection of 1/2x28TPI,5/8x24 TPI, or Q Cherry bomb adapter… $ 420.00 – $ 450.00 They can, and sometimes will, simply write you a letter explaining to you how they’re all up in your business. It Could Be You! So yeah, the EPA is an agency effectively outside the auspices of Congressional control and they’re armed to the teeth with a CID division that has a history of launching large armed raids for questionable reasons on which the agency will not elaborate. Even in Europe they have moreceived common sense than us when it comes to supressors. sec. They’ve determined that the manufacture of solvent traps is now equivalent to the manufacture of an unregistered silencer. https://paypal.me/fathertimenc?locale.x=en_US And I hope Gay PTSD is a “pre-existing condition” in Plan B lol. Sellers of "solvent traps" were pushing the legal envelope. The ATF has addressed these questions before and a copy of the relevant portion of a guidance letter can be viewed below. Unfortunately, the aspects of Common Law that respect precedent are what is trapping us now. Just keep thinking that everything that big daddy says is bad, is actually bad. Email Address. The use or possession of this type of firearm accessory is heavily regulated in some states. First off, the EPA will have absolutely everything to do with your employer if they decided that they do. © COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM. You all will quit belly aching when the HPA and national reciprocity passes. An oil filter thread is 3/4″-16TPI RH. ATF Shuts Down Another DIY “Solvent Trap” Business, Indicts Owner for Criminal... TTAG Email Subscribers Entered to Win a SIG SAUER SIG716 G2 Patrol Rifle! filling a paper form with the government will not stop someone that WANTS to kill,,, criminal minds will do without a signed paper and do what they want,,, period,,, so why must we pay $200.00 for a paper that only the good will have to pay for,,, paper does little good to PROTECT from the criminals that will shoot/kill paper or no paper,,, this is just another Taxation without the peoples consent,,, remove a muffler from the car and pay the ATF to put on a new one,,, un-muffled engines would be a real sound problem for the people,,,, not a muffled gun,,,, ole USN vet. I’ve been going to gun shows since 1978 or so and I’ve never seen anything like that, if you did it was probably an ATF sting operation. I beg to differ on that one. These are a very efficient and cost effective solvent trap. You replacin’ internals on the sly without a license, huh?”. a business shuttered by the ATF earlier this year. (BTW, that company is about 10 miles from where I am.). Though maybe adapters are now non-regulated since the ATF specfically said the tube/sheath of a can is the serialized part (though all parts are still regulated)? I went to my truck and brought back my empty, chamber flagged FNX 45 with a Rugged Obsidian. (2) It is unlawful for any person to buy, sell, barter, or otherwise exchange for profit, or to offer to buy, sell, barter, or otherwise exchange for profit, the raw fur, as defined by Section 4005, of any fur-bearing mammal or nongame mammal that was trapped in this state, with a body-gripping trap as described in paragraph (1). If you wish something different than what we have here, visit our “You build it” page and you can create your own custom set-up. “Ebay has dozens of people (and federal agents too, probably) selling the adapters.. “The EPA has absolutely nothing to do with my employer and even if it did can you really compare being put out of work to having your door kicked in for no good reason?”. Allowing a non-lawmaking org without oversight and holding them to process who can make “rule of law” via mere policy. Our Maglite solvent trap adapter kit was designed to replace the original ends on a standard D cell maglite housing. I need another 9mm can and was about to pull the trigger on a higher end solvent trap. May 12, 2017 A GSG-5 rifle equipped with a solvent trap sold by Solvent Trap Etc. It sucks waiting so long and it’s expensive but then you are not worried about this crap. Indeed, just give them time, however, and such an oversight will be rectified. OK Homeowner With AR-15 Shoots, Kills Three Home Invaders: Defensive Gun Use of the Day, http://thetruthaboutguns.com/author/foghorn/, SAF, CCRKBA, FPC Sue Maryland Over Its ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Law, FPC Moves for Injunction, Expedited Trial in Pennsylvania Under 21 Firearm Carry Lawsuit. Believe it or not, you CAN LEGALLY build one. I think Solvent Traps Etc just got volunteered. It’s bullshit that the ATF rewrites laws/regulations at will to fit their agenda but just stay inside the law and have no worries.
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