It does not represent the system architecture of a specific big data system. Any DevOps architecture must include continuous planning, development, integration, deployment, operations, and learning. Some devices may be edge devices that perform some data processing on the device itself or in a field gateway. %PDF-1.4 %���� The reference architecture presented in this document provides an architecture framework for describing the big data components, processes, and systems to establish a common language for the . 0000003334 00000 n 2009-06-22T15:24:47+02:00 578 0 obj <>/Outlines 4823 0 R/Metadata 577 0 R/PieceInfo<>>>/Pages 93 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/StructTreeRoot 579 0 R/Type/Catalog/LastModified(D:20090622152447)/PageLabels 574 0 R/OutputIntents[576 0 R]>> endobj 4823 0 obj <> endobj 577 0 obj <>stream Downloads of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture, Version 2.1 documentation, are available under license from the IT4IT™ information web site.The license is free to any organization wishing to use IT4IT entirely for internal purposes (for example, to develop an information system architecture for use within that organization). ABOUT THIS DOCUMENT This document provides an overview of the options available for implementing Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHOCP) on Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP), and reviews how we implement those solutions to deploy the reference … The Reference Architecture provides: • a common lexicon and taxonomy • a common (architectural) vision • modularization and the complementary context The common lexicon and … Data services platforms are specific solutions that deliver data management and analytic capabilities. <<2C02C35659AAE842A9DD0FCA01D0AE75>]>> hޜ�wTT��Ͻwz��0�z�.0��. CHAPTER 1. REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN PRINCIPLES EIP SCC WORK STREAM 2 – MAIN DELIVERABLE SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 FINAL, version 1.00 Main editors: Lutz Heuser, Jeroen Scheer, Pieter den Hamer , Bart de Lathouwer Contributors: Lutz Heuser, Jeroen Scheer, Pieter den Hamer, Bart de Lathouwer, Andy Cox, Peter Parslow, Bernhart Kempen, Eva Klien, Joachim Lonien This document is part of the overall … Reference Architecture is intended to address. Cette architecture de référence montre une architecture recommandée pour les applications IoT sur Azure utilisant des composants PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). 2009-06-22T15:24:17+02:00 It also provides a common vocabulary with which to discuss implementations, often with the aim to stress commonality. Of all important types of data in the enterprise, there … The design models include multiple options with all resources in a single VNet to enterprise-level operational environments that span across multiple VNets using a Transit VNet. xref 0000002504 00000 n 2009-06-22T15:24:47+02:00 0000119562 00000 n %%EOF Downloads. 0000005178 00000 n BUSINESS ARCHITECTURE COMMON REFERENCE MODEL WORKSHOP 23 March 2017. This reference document links the technical design aspects of Microsoft Azure with Palo Alto Networks solutions and then explores several technical design models. DevOps reference architecture: Development IBM Cloud Architecture Center . Strategic Purpose: outlines the strategic purpose of the Air Force Data Services Reference Architecture described in this document. If you are planning to modernize your data warehousing initiatives on AWS, PowerCenter’s rich functionalities such as metadata driven data integration, dynamic mappings, SQL conversion mapping, and automatic datavalidation will help you to shorten development cycles and reduce time to market. Unique Architecture . Reference architecture goes one step further by accelerating the process for a particular architecture type, helping to identify which architectural approaches will satisfy particular requirements, and figuring out what a minimally acceptable set of architectural artifacts are needed to meet the “best practices” requirements for a particular architecture. This reference architecture shows how to conduct distributed training of deep learning models across clusters of GPU-enabled VMs using Azure Machine Learning. uuid:e5dbee6a-5cf9-4c63-849e-56e870136ee5 Energy Supply Optimization. Web app. Download a Visio file of this architecture. Such a reference architecture can be instantiated for a particular scenario or configuration. d’architecture du Brésil ayant également participé à une expérimentation. The concept of Reference Architectures is novel in the business world. Master Data Management (MDM) Reference Architecture (RA) Version 1.0 Final 1 January 2, 2014 . 0000003868 00000 n The vRealize Automation Reference Architecture Guide describes the structure and configuration of typical vRealize Automation deployments. 0 Reference Architecture and Classification of Technologies, Products and Services for Big Data Systems.pdf Available via license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Content may be subject to copyright. xڼViPI��$!��lD �`@EEDE���7�h���x�EE ���'x���G��U�g���Ǻ�=�3��r���5=����~�{=� @��w��e@Z/�@ For this Reference Architecture, the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform service is deployed on infrastructure elements consisting of a single bastion instance, three master instances, and six node instances (consisting of 3 infrastructure nodes and 3 application nodes), as depicted in the following diagram. Acrobat Distiller 8.1.0 (Windows) This reference architecture shows how to conduct distributed training of deep learning models across clusters of GPU-enabled VMs using Azure Machine Learning. Devices can securely register with the cloud, and can connect to the cloud to send and receive data. Co-chairs • Whynde Kuehn – • Principal at S2E Consulting Inc.; Partner, Business Architecture Associates; Cutter Sr. 0000006877 00000 n “Reference Architecture” has became a term to mean many things to different people. For instance, Sun Computer 3 states that: Sun’s Reference Architectures have been designed, tested, tuned and documented, so you can reduce the complexity, costs, and risks of deploying new technology in your enter-prise. 2922 0 obj<>stream Optimisation de l’approvisionnement en énergie Energy Supply Optimization. Boris Otto, Kai M. Hüner . Reference Architecture Companies that have successfully adopted microservices have adopted a number of common architectural patterns. It also enables the Air Force’s transformation into a data-driven organization. startxref Cloud gateway. application/pdf 0000002875 00000 n $O./� �'�z8�W�Gб� x�� 0Y驾A��@$/7z�� ���H��e��O���OҬT� �_��lN:K��"N����3"��$�F��/JP�rb�[䥟}�Q��d[��S��l1��x{��#b�G�\N��o�X3I���[ql2�� �$�8�x����t�r p��/8�p��C���f�q��.K�njm͠{r2�8��?�����. trailer 0000007423 00000 n Report No. Functional Reference Architecture for Corporate Master Data Management . In addition, it provides information about high availability, scalability, and deployment profiles. For considerations on designing web APIs, see API design guidance. : BE HSG / CC CDQ / 21 Chair: Prof. Dr. H. Österle Version: 1.0 Date: May 31, 2009 . A reference implementation for this architecture is available on GitHub. Reference Architecture Diagram for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform on Red … Kai Hüner We recommend Azure IoT Edgefor edge processing. DevOps reference architecture: Planning IBM Cloud Architecture Center. A cloud gateway provides a cloud hub for devices to connect securely to the cloud and send d… This architecture consists of the following components. Accelerates data architecture modernization. A Common Business Architecture Reference Model Workshop various stakeholders named as big data reference architecture (BDRA). Its unique zone-level approach to data deduplication retains the most recent backup in its full undeduplicated form, enabling the fastest restores, offsite tape copies, and instant recoveries. 0000002279 00000 n Reference Architecture Objectives The Twistlock Reference Architecture provides guidance to Enterprise and Security Architects on how to deploy Twistlock and integrate with systems commonly found in the enterprise stack and across the elements of their cloud workloads. Reference architecture Build and deployment of Java applications on OpenShift. DevOps can look different from one enterprise to another, but some generalizations about architecture apply universally.
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