11K48 – ROYALTON® 2-Stage Furnace LP Conversion Kit


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Ensure your ROYALTON 2-stage residential gas furnace operates safely and efficiently by using the model 11K48 natural gas to propane conversion kit. This kit can convert all BTU sizes of ROYALTON® brand single stage gas furnaces to liquid propane. Please Note: this is not a universal kit, do not attempt to use this on any other brand name appliance.

•Kit contains: 12-main burner orifices, gas valve regulator springs, low gas inlet pressure switch, gas valve inlet brass fitting, wiring harness, gas conversion sticker, and nameplate conversion sticker
•For ROYALTON® brand single stage gas furnaces; 80G2 and 95G2 model series
•Gas pressure must be adjusted by a certified technician to assure proper and safe operation
•Retain the spring and orifices for natural gas should there be a need to convert back from LP to natural gas in the future
•Equipment should be sized, selected and installed by a qualified professional to ensure proper installation, safe operation, adherence to federal, state and local codes and for valid warranty; see installation guide for more details
•Professional installation recommended

Installation Sheet