What about Customer Service?
For questions or assistance in sizing, selection of equipment, technical help, or even how to find parts and accessories for any Hamilton product, call our toll free number at (800) 879-0123.

What about parts and service for Hamilton’s products?
Replacement parts and accessories for many Hamilton products can be purchased on our website. Hamilton maintains a full line of replacement parts. We are dedicated to providing the parts you need, when you need them!

What about warranties for Hamilton products?
Hamilton administers the full written Manufacturer’s Warranty in accordance with their policies and procedures. A copy can be obtained upon request prior to your purchase. You must first call Hamilton at (800) 879-0123 prior to any warranty parts and service.

Can I install Hamilton heating and cooling products myself?
You can arrange for a partial installation by performing all non-technical portions of the installation yourself. A certified contractor must perform the final technical hook-ups, start-up & check tests. All Federal, State and Local codes must be adhered to.

You can receive installation estimates from certified technicians and fairly evaluate the real cost of the installation versus the equipment price before installation. If you are in need of a contractor, call Hamilton at (800) 879-0123. We will assist you in locating a qualified contractor in your area for warranty service or installations.

Will I save money buying Hamilton products?
Homeowners can save up to 30% on equipment by purchasing the same high quality product under our Hamilton / Winchester Brand versus a name brand. These products are available to you, direct from your local home center.

Your local Home Center assures you of the highest quality products at the lowest available prices. Buy with confidence from your local Home Center who is there to serve you today and will be there in the future.

Who makes Hamilton products and equipment?
Hamilton Products are manufactured to the highest industry standards by leading name brand manufacturers who build the same products under their own brand names. There is no compromise in quality. All Hamilton products and equipment meet industry standards and are certified and approved.

Where can I buy Hamilton Home Products?
Several of our products are available online. Look for the “Add to Cart” icon on the product pages. Most of our larger heating and cooling systems can be found at your local home center.