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At Hamilton Home Products, our purpose is to offer affordable, high quality heating and cooling products to deliver the comfort that customers expect. In order to accomplish this, we have to start by making sure the customer is ordering the proper equipment for their application. Each customer that places an equipment order receives a phone call from one of our customer service representatives to verify sizing, application, answer any questions about the product(s), suggest other items that might be needed for installation, and in some cases recommend different equipment that is better suited to heat and/or cool their home. While this is a large task, and takes some time, we feel that it is justified as they are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on equipment to make their home comfortable. At the end of the day, we want to have satisfied customers that are happy about making their purchase.

Most customers appreciate the call from our customer service department to verify their equipment order. They feel more assured that they are getting what they need, and it gives them an opportunity to ask any questions they might have had while selecting their system. There is never any pressure to make an equipment purchase, nor do we try to “up-sell”. We simply want to match our customer’s needs to the equipment that will result in a comfortable home and a satisfied customer. There are times when we will walk away from a sale. If in calling to verify an order we learn that the equipment does not match, or is not approved for the application, we inform the customer that we must cancel their order. We would rather lose a sale than have an unsatisfied customer. Any company can just fill and ship orders, but Hamilton is not that kind of company.

Our business model has changed dramatically since 1988, and we have had to adjust with the times. However, our core belief that we do the “and then some” to have satisfied customers has kept Hamilton relevant.

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About the Author : Gary Pawlowski