Amana® 26″ Mini PTAC TTW (Thru-the-wall) Heating & Cooling Units

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The Amana® brand 26″ Mini PTACs are designed for hotel/motel applications and can be used for apartments, room additions, sunrooms, and small living spaces. The PBC Series are perfect for cooling only applications and are available in 115V and 230V models. The 230V PBE Series offers Cooling with Electric Heat, and the PBH Series heat pump with electric heat models offer the most economical year round operation and are available in 115V and 230V models. The 115 models come from the factory with an 8 ft. power cord, while the 230V models have a 6 ft. power cord.  All units feature an electronic touch pad and remote control. The top pull-out polypropylene permanent filter makes it easy to maintain the unit for efficeint operation.

PLEASE NOTE: All new installations require the PBWS01A wall sleeve with exterior grille, and the optional DK900D drain kit is available for internal drain applications. (Shown in product images and must be purchased separately.)

1-Year entire unit limited warranty
5-Year sealed system limited warranty

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Tech Guide

Owners Manual

Drain Kit Install Manual

Wall Sleeve with Grille Install Manual

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Electronic touch pad with remote control

High energy efficiency with models up to 10.4 EER saving you money compared to lower EER models

Easily removable condenser top that allows for quick and complete cleaning of outdoor coils. This access for cleaning the outdoor coils enables easy removal of dirt and debris to help lengthen the life of the compressor an other system sealed components.

Easy access slide out filter has a permanent polypropylene filter mesh that is easy to remove and clean

Easy to set switches to configure check filter light, temperature limiting capability, and fan auto cycle for heating and cooling

Accessory wall sleeve: PBWS01A is a solid-sided, insulated metal sleeve. It includes a stamped aluminum exterior grille with a weather-seal rear enclosure for installation without the chassis. The sleeve has a solid bottom for complete weather-tight installation.

100% full factory run test on all units for high reliability and dependability

Designed with comfort in mind – providing reliable, quiet operation for years to come

[tabby title=”Sizing Guide”]
You can refer to an estimate or proposal from a local contractor, refer to the size of your existing PTAC that you may want replaced, or use the sizing estimation chart provided on this page.

100-150 5000
150-250 6000 Room Size: Sq.Ft. x 30 = Rough Estimate of BTU Output Needed
250-300 7000 Usage: Number of People to Typically Occupy the Space
300-350 8000 Room Design: Ceiling Height and Insulation Factors
350-400 9000 Room Location: Direction the Room Faces; Amount of Sunlight and Whether it Receives Afternoon or Morning
400-450 10000 Should you not find a PTAC unit with a BTU Output to meet your heating and cooling needs, you will need to decide whether to use an undersized or oversized unit for the area.
450-550 12000 Slightly undersized PTACs operate continuously to provide more comfort and savings in a smaller room than oversized units operating intermittently. In larger rooms, two smaller units will cool more efficiently than one large unit, and in milder weather you can run a single unit to save money.
550-700 15000 Significantly undersized PTACs cannot cool the room down, nor remove moisture from the air. As a result, the room will feel warm and possibly humid.
700-1000 18000 Oversized PTACs will cool the space quickly, but not remove moisture to lower the humidity. As a result, the room will feel cool and humid.


[tabby title=”Models & Specs”]
PBC Series – Cooling Only Units

Model Number Voltage Cooling BTUH AMPS Wt. (lbs.)
PBC092G00CB 115 9,300 15 74
PBC122G00CC 115 11,800 15 80
PBC093G00CB 230 / 208 9,300 / 9,100 15 71
PBC123G00CC 230 / 208 12,000 / 11,800 15 78


PBE Series – Cooling with Electric Heat Units

Model Number Voltage Cooling BTUH Electric Heat BTUH kW AMPS Wt. (lbs.)
PBE093G35CB 230 / 208 9,300 / 9,100 11,000 / 9,000 3.5 20 73
PBC123G35CB 230 / 208 12,000 / 11,800 11,000 / 9,000 3.5 20 81


PBH Series – Heat Pump with Electric Heat Units

Model Number Voltage Cooling BTUH Electric Heat BTUH kW Heat Pump (Reverse Cycle BTUH) AMPS Wt. (lbs.)
PBH092G12CC 115 9,000 3,900* 1.2 8,500 15 78
PBH073G35CC 230 / 208 7,400 / 7,200 11,000 / 9,000 3.5 6,800 / 6,600 20 76
PBH093G35CC 230 / 208 9,300 / 9,100 11,000 / 9,000 3.5 8,800 / 8,600 20 83
PBH113G35CC 230 / 208 11,700 / 11,500 11,000 / 9,000 3.5 11,400 / 11,200 20 86

*Secondary heat source recommended to be used in conjunction with unit during electric heat operation.


Accessories for PBC, PBE, and PBH Series Mini PTACs

Item No. Description Weight (lbs.)
PBWS01A* Wall Sleeve – Steel insulated, includes stamped aluminum exterior grille 8
DK900D Drain Kit – for internal drain applications 1

*Required for ALL New Installations. Please Note Warning below.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –


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